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New Sound Recordings
Every note played [audiodisc]
The punishment she deserves [audiodisc]
Duende [audiodisc]
The flight attendant [audiodisc] : a novel
Perfect angel [compact disc]
Give up [compact disc]
Glorious day [compact disc] : hymns of faith
One more light [compact disc] : live
Starcrawler [compact disc].
Superorganism [compact disc]
After the fall [compact disc]
Async [compact disc] : remodels [compact disc]
All nerve [compact disc]
Parisian lounge [compact disc]
El hijo del desierto [compact disc]
Chime [compact disc]
Black times [compact disc]
The ice queen [compact disc]
Whistle down the wind [compact disc]
Whatever it takes [compact disc]
Shapeshifters [compact disc]
Peaceful piano [compact disc]
The culture code [audiodisc]
Hello stranger [audiodisc]
The shape of water [audiodisc]
The woman left behind [audiodisc]
The journey of little Charlie [audiodisc]
Dark wyng [playaway]
Dragon overnight [playaway]
Quest for the city of gold [playaway]
The terrible two go wild [playaway]